Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

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Can you combine education and what your Soul wants?

Education choice For many of us, life is a street with one-way traffic: We go to school, then to a university, we find a degree-relevant position, and work until pension. In so doing, education and work don’t necessarily bring us [...]

04.07.2019 Uncategorized

Haven’t heard in a while…

Hello dear readers! Perhaps, as you have noticed this blog has not been updated since last summer. It is true – I have been working as a project researcher, studying as a PhD student and at the same time I [...]

01.17.2018 Uncategorized

The Funky Finland

Finnish design is funky, isn’t it? [...]

07.10.2017 Uncategorized

Sporting Activities for Students

This topic is about sporting events organized by student clubs.  [...]

03.10.2016 Uncategorized

Finnish Winter Holidays: How Has it Been?

Hurray! Winter holidays are gone and officially this week schools and universities in Finland start working. I would like to tell about two main events: Christmas and New Year. [...]

01.12.2016 Events, General, Uncategorized

Summer Break

I don’t say “Goodbye”, I say “See you later!” I’ve graduated Master’s degree, I’m going to continue learning Finnish language the next months and get great summer holidays. Have a nice summer! [...]

05.01.2015 Uncategorized

Thesis writing I. Lessons learned

A Master’s thesis is a main student project, it’s time and efforts consuming, it requires a frequent and stable attention, and a clear vision of what has to be done. Here are lessons and tips that I’ve opened for myself [...]

11.03.2014 Studying, Uncategorized

Time to sum up

I’ve spent two semesters and one summer in Lappeenranta, and I can say that I haven’t regretted that I’ve come to Finland. [...]

08.25.2014 Uncategorized

Meal matters: Finnish food and students’ offers

It was interesting to get to know opinions about Finnish meals and student offers from different prospective. I went to our canteen and asked a restaurant chef to say us something about food for students. [...]

05.19.2014 Uncategorized

International spring events and the longest Wappu

Now it’s the time of many currently ongoing funny events because of the May Day. As we all know, it’s the international Worker’s Day but the Wappu May Day is also an ancient spring festival in Northern countries, and this year the celebration lasts for [...]

04.28.2014 Uncategorized

Professional habits of Finns at work

Today on Monday’s post based on material of workshop “Applying for a job in Finland” I’d like to show some outlines I learned from it and reveal curtain of professional style in Finland! What is to be professional in Finland [...]

02.10.2014 Uncategorized