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LUT Entrepreneurship Society

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot. I believe that entrepreneurship is a skill and not only a talent. It requires a lot of effort to learn the business and to own it. Finnish universities have their own entrepreneurship societies where [...]

01.14.2017 Events, Student services, Work

PhD and Research

Doing research in business is so fascinating and interesting. So, in this post I would like to share little info about my research area. [...]

10.31.2016 Studying, Work

SLUSH 2015

Lots of energy and drive. Awesome speeches and start up pitches.  Here and now in the heart of the IT business. It’s all about Slush, one of the biggest start up conferences in the Nordic countries. [...]

11.17.2015 Events, Work

How Elections May Change Finland

It’s so interesting to look at the political and legal situation in Finland from an insider’s point of view! [...]

03.26.2015 Events, Studying, Work

The calendar. Time counting in Finland.

Have you noticed a specific Finnish way of counting time and putting events in your calendar? It is quite widespread in Finland and hard to ignore! [...]

02.19.2015 General, Studying, Work

How to deal with specific issues and get right information in Finland

It is common in Finland that important public information remains invisible. Want to get any information easy and fast? Here is a solution. [...]

12.19.2014 General, Studying, Work

Attitude to work in job market and job search

I’m surprised that Finland is a country where active people are appreciated, valued, seem to be successful and it brings good results to them! Introverts find it difficult to live here, people who tend to complain and are lazy don’t [...]

12.07.2014 General, Studying, Work

A way of thinking: Succeed in any project

Subjective views to deal when completing a degree and becoming a real graduate. Things to deal to succeed in projects. [...]

11.25.2014 Studying, Work

Thesis writing II. Hints for Motivation & Logic Structure

Keep on moving and progressing with your thesis! Our mind is powerful 🙂 Big courage to all students who pursuade a degree! ))) [...]

11.12.2014 Studying, Work

Different countries, different teachers

I continue to describe differences in study approach in the countries where I’ve studied. This time I would like to share thoughts about student-professor relationships. [...]

06.30.2014 General, Studying, Work

What is Finnish PhD studies: a typical studying or a real work?

Let’s take a Finnish example of postgraduate education process… [...]

02.17.2014 Studying, Work