Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Setting yourself in Finland

These pieces above are not glamour beauty magazines. They are representative booklets which contain useful and important information about projects at our university. I’ve became a representative of a Master’s program which I’m enrolled to. Maybe you can appear on a cover too!

Let’s keep our thoughts more organized

Studying in a university is not only sitting with books and doing assignments. It’s a lifestyle which includes several aspects and “sitting with books” is just one of them. There are other important things related to everyday activities in the university.


General principles

1. Many students ignore helpful information in brochures, cards, leaflets spread freely within the university walls.  However, there might be an interesting solution of a problem you need to solve at the moment. It can be a hug card, a bus timetable, a bicycle road, invitations and announcements, call for competitions.

2. Find and join Facebook student groups in your region,  use tags such as #buy&sell, #international, #students, events, insert even your street name in the FB search. Most of the practical information is being shared there.


3. Also buy a SIM-card. They are usually sold in so called R-kioski but not only. Sometimes shops such as Antilla make good offers at cheaper price. I’ve got my SIM-card for free with a student welcome package. Good news are that you don’t need to register your card as it’s prepaid and calls within Finland are cheap (about 0,06 euro/minute).

3. Join student guilds/clubs and spend your time there. International students are separated from local ones but student guilds are usually maintained by Finns. Make friends with them, it’s a way to explore Finland.

CatturaWorkers’ overalls are in fashion among students overall in Finland. Because the country is famous by its industries and people’s hard-work the overalls will always stay in trend. There is also a certain way of wearing them. For example, the more badges you have on it, the more experienced/mature you are. You obtain you badges when you attend different events.

4. Learn Finnish of course! It’s a very mathematical language, the grammar is logical so there is a double benefit if you start learning Finnish. It’ll make life easier and also it will train your brain. Sometimes we just need to overcome own perception in order to start. Don’t hesitate to use the service of a study counselling psychologist (here at LUT) when you have a culture shock.

have a life outside studies. It’s healthy. Simply relax and move forward! =)

About The Author

Researcher at LUT, Master of Economics, LUT & GSOM Saint Petersburg State University. Focus on Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. Background in natural sciences.

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