Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

A Reason to Fall in Love With the Winter

Winter is a best time to have fun!

When I’ve been living in Kazakhstan, every winter I’ve skated on an ice rink with my friends. This ice rink is situated on a height of almost 1700 meters above the sea level and is called the Medeu. Despite a cold winter temperature everyone is able to wear summer cloths because of the hot shining sun that makes your skin sun-tanned, but it keeps the rink icy and snow white and cold.

10962219_1176486545701305_1803211036_nThis is my young mom with her sister on this ice-rink in winter. It is about -15 C.

Have a look at 3’57” I’m myself amazed how high it is there!

Finland has also its own specifics in winter. You can walk on a frozen lake, and if the lake has an ice-hole you can even swim there, you will feel hot enough, not frozen, if you do it in a correct way. Here, in a small Finnish city I enjoy skiing with friends, it’s my fourth time ever. We have a great cross-country way and my favorite action is to slope down a hill.


After living in a sunshiny country for many years, Finland seems to be dark and cold in winter but Finland is also  so cosy like at home! It’s cosy because of its soft snow which covers everything outside, and because of its serene streets which keep their silence during days and nights. You can walk in the midnight alone without any fear and enjoy a glitter of the dark-blue or violet sky. Sometimes you see a lot of stars, sometimes it is too bright to see them.


It’s almost midnight, trees and road are shining green because of lanterns lights. Everything is covered with snow.

Look at this amazing snowy weather!

I love winter! I was born in winter. And I love when it’s snowing often, when the weather is warm enough to walk outside and when all streets are white: Pavements are white, evergreen trees along them are white. They are dark green under a white veil of a splendid layer of sparkling snow.


The freeze makes its drawings and wild-styled sketches wherever it finds a place. Do you also see a forest on the back side of the car?

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