Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Attitude to work in job market and job search

I’m surprised that Finland is a country where active people are appreciated, valued, seem to be successful and it brings good results to them!


Introverts find it difficult to live here, people who tend to complain and are lazy don’t have enough chances to find a job after graduation. Nothing will happen without your active involvement into your life here.

FotorCreatedOur German team is working hard for developing an ” innovative technology” while we’re drinking coffee and talking about its strategy ; )  @IBM Finland 

Yet living in Finland is cool, convenient and joyful, this country is in fact workaholic and not just for recreational purposes when you decide to land in here forever.

So one thing is to be happy about growing up and improving competences.

All students regardless of country of origin are competing on a same level. It means that on one hand people who have been born here have an absolute advantage because they don’t need to adapt, to re-learn and to face the same migration problems that others do (residence permits, financial papers, etc) but on the other hand you’re very welcome to compete here if you wish and are able to. If they can do something that you find great, you can do it too.

Everything is possible!

The reason why I’ve written this is that I see many students who want to stay here forever but keep complaining about hard life. It’s never easy in any country for a foreigner to compete with native residents. But maybe the solution is exactly in being different? Our international relations manager Miia Vanhainen once told me,

You don’t need to be a Finn to live here but learning and understanding the language and culture are necessary and helpful in living here.

List of websites and offices related to working in Finland topic. Must read to get more familiar.

1. So called Työtoimisto – bureau of unemployment;

2. Tax office – must learn about deductive tax policy in Finland;

3. Information about changing residence permits (regular international students of Finnish universities have the right to apply for one year job search permit after graduation).


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Researcher at LUT, Master of Economics, LUT & GSOM Saint Petersburg State University. Focus on Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. Background in natural sciences.

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