Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Funny stories from students in Finland

Maybe you are really interested to listen to the voice of current students about their experience in Finland. Here you are!

Marcus Laukkanen, Bachelor student from Finland:

“I had a funny incident with international students. I became a tutor and accidentally forgot to pick my first tutee from the airport when she arrived! I thought that she was coming at 12 in the noon but rather, it was at 12 midnight. I was in a bar with my friends when I received a message from her, “Markus where are you? I’m at the airport.” And I was pretty confused, “Aren’t you supposed to arrive in the day time?”, I asked. Then she promptly replied, “No.” After that, I left the bar, took a taxi to the airport and picked her up. The lesson learned here is that, it is important to double check the time! All in all, I think I was a pretty good tutor for her and for the rest of my group.”

In my own Finnish experience, I had lots of lessons too. Once, I missed my train because I didn’t know that “Arrival from Joensuu” (it’s a city in Finland) is the same as “Departure to Helsinki” because there were two displays at the train station like in the airport. It misled me. But now I know better, and always do double check of the departures.

Hadi Salahshour, Master student from Iran:Funny story? Nah! But I slept one night in university in exam week.”

Look it can happen easily! (Click on photo to enlarge it)


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But don’t get me wrong, nobody is spending nights in the university. But it may happen if you’re too tired of studies and fall asleep right there before the exam day. =)

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