Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Halloween in Finland

How people celebrate Halloween in Finland…?

Halloween came to Finland from America around 70’s or 80’s. Students go to parties, shops are full of thematic products and children are the ones who celebrate the most.

Halloween as a children’s day

Our Finnish teacher told us that Halloween is also a children’s day in Finland. Children gather together and go wandering around their neighborhood. They ring every bell and ask for candies. They say “Karkki vai kepponen?” which means “trick or treat?”Usually they have hats to put candies in. The teacher has noticed that every year there are more and more children celebrating the Halloween, and she has to spare candies for that day in advance because her bell is ringing all day long.

Halloween food

Food shops make great Halloween jokes!20151031_124906

Hahaha, Halloween! Looks awesome!


Only two are left…


In the country where I came from, Kazakhstan, usually long shaped pumpkins are grown. My mother has always baked a pumpkin divided in half in an oven. It’s much sweeter than a round shaped orange one.


This is a regular Berliner which has changed its color for a day. There is nothing special that Finns cook on this day but they can buy fancy cakes.

Student’s Halloween

Students go to parties! =)  Here at LUT they were ready far in advance. All tickets to the party organized by students have been sold out.

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