Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

How to deal with specific issues and get right information in Finland

It is common in Finland that important public information remains invisible. Want to get any information easy and fast? Here is a solution.

Once I’ve had a specific problem and when I called to the office, they said “Everything is OK,” but in fact there was some misunderstanding between us. A big plus is that official websites, leaflets and booklets contain fair information in English. However, when you don’t find an answer:

1. It’s good to know what is the exact thing that you don’t know or don’t understand? For example, “What kind of specific documents I have to bring to this organization, to this unit of the organization for this specific situation that I have?”

233Gathering of a whole picture of a situation is like a construction of an origami.

2. Search for an expert in the field who is able to give you a sufficient answer. Or start searching for an organization that deals with the same issues that you have. For example, everything that concerns studies should be addressed to a faculty of the university you are studying or going to study at, but everything that concerns residence permits should be addressed to a police office.

Cattura3Many questions give us a chance to raise one’s competences when doing a search, like a sprout grows out of the ground when following the sun.

3. Visit a website and FAQ section. Common things are often written. But if your question is very specific, make a direct contact to an organization or a person and explain your situation in brief. Don’t hesitate to ask from one who is able to answer. It will save you from repeating the same story again next time. It’s also good to ask for time of availability if these persons are busy.tttIn Finland people are helpful, so don’t fear to contact!

4. Keep in touch after, later you can gently ask for clarifying some information if you don’t understand something.

That’s it! It’s simple and applies to any kind of situation as a principle. Don’t postpone a solution of important issues to a later time, it’s always better to get to know everything in advance for your own security, it helps to avoid many unnecessary problems!


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