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Nenäpäivä or the Nose Day

The Nose Day or Nenäpäivä is a global charity event which raises funds to help people in developing countries, especially children in difficult conditions. In Finland it has been organized since 2007.

You just come to the event and buy a red nose (it costs maybe 2 euros), put it on and enjoy the program, for example open air activities, games and shows.




Raised money usually covers such issues like training for parents, water supply and basic commodities.

Tea Saloranta, marketing & communications manager at Nenäpäivä, Finnish charity organization

Our idea is to do something funny for money. Nenäpäivä campaign supports the children in developing countries  – in Africa, Asia, Middle & South America – every year through nine charities: UNICEF Finland, Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Aid, Fida International, Save The Children Finland, Plan Finland, International Solidarity Foundation, The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland and The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission.

We would like to have more and more Finnish Universities also involved in Nenäpäivä. Our experience is, that students are innovative and they have great ideas to share and implement for a good cause!

Significant results of Nenäpäivä activities in 2014: 


Students of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and ESN Lappeenranta held the event as part of the ESN SocialErasmus project:

Our main goal this year was to collect money to help girls in developing countries who cannot have an education just because they are girls.

We hope that next year more people will get involved because with their little money some children can get something really important, which is actually normal for us but impossible for them to have.

Check how a Finnish singer Arja Koriseva plays with her name in this video: She is a happy cleaner in a supermarket who dances with a brush and sings “harja” which means in Finnish “brush” while customers and salesmen are singing “Arja”. It the end a Finnish woman comes and asks from a sales person if they have eggs for sale.

The next Nose Day campaign will be held between 20th of October – 20th of November 2016, and the Nose Day is on 11th of November 2016.

Have you ever participated in the Nose Day? Or would you like to participate?


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