Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Psychological and Urgent Help for Students

How do you cope with stress?

Everyone has the right to get a qualified psychological help in the university. Each student can have about five sessions per year. There is nothing wrong to be in need for help and consult a psychologist at least in Finland, things might be different than in your home country.


Common problem

Common student problems are motivation for studying or writing a thesis and getting in touch with other students. Finnish education has an interesting feature – there is really no one who would push  you to study, get better grades or complete things on time. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your tasks. It only means you are responsible for yourself so that you don’t even need anyone to support you unless you ask.

How to get an appointment

There are study counselling psychologists who can help to deal with studying issues. You can get an appointment quite fast, on average in two-three days. There are also psychologists in student health centers. In order to get an appointment you need to visit a general practitioner first (by contacting a student health center). It might take a month to wait.


One positive side is that you can also talk to one of health centers’ nurses. At LUT  you can come to the health center Mo-Fri between 8am -12pm and directly ask for a 40 minutes time to talk. You can receive an appointment the same day. Nurses are very kind and warm.

I really like that here students can get help inside the university campus, so there is no need to skip lectures and ride somewhere far.

Do you sometimes feel studying pressure? Which studying periods are more filled with stress and which ones are more relaxed?

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