Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

It’s awesome how safe is this place! I’ve collected some stories about lost and found items in the university.

It’s important to know that Finland is a safe country and in many cases people find things that they have lost.

1. Fortunately no one had entered my apartment although my key was outside for 8 hours! Once I left the key inside the entrance door before going to the school. When I came back I’d seen the key on its place in the lock.


 2. Here is a great sign of the trust and reliability: I was searching for my USB and I hoped that I had left it in a computer class. When I came back to the class I found it there. One person sent to me an e-mail to notify about that as well. When he’d seen the USB, he researched my name in the university corporate directory.


3. More examples from students:


“Lost my shades today. Found them where I left them.”

It’s being said it’s “the spirit of Skinnarila”, it’s our student campus district. I would add that it’s a spirit of Finland to return what has been lost. I just feel this spirit well in our university!


“Find an unlocked bike. Pick the lock up and place on the bike. Not steal the bike.”

This is a great sign of a care and I wish it would be more common for bikes here because many of new bikes are being stolen frequently, so as an owner I would need to pay attention to my bike’s safety.

lost& found

A person who has found this hat made a photo and uploaded it in Instagram. This way the owner has been found. That’s cool!

4. When my mom and I lost each other in the city center in Lappeenranta we didn’t have a mobile connection. I found her thanks to a seller in a shop. The seller recognized me from customers and informed me about my mother. Just before I came to the shop my mom had been there and she had asked the seller to let me know where she was going to be in case if I come.


However I didn’t find my gold earrings and silver chain with a turquoise but it doesn’t happen so often that someone loses these kind of things in Finland, and I just keep my eyes more open for keeping it safe.

I don’t want to seem careless. For the whole period I’ve been here I have lost and found just several things. It didn’t happen often, it’s just several stories I had during my 1,5 years of being here =)

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