Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Sporting Activities for Students

This topic is about sporting events organized by student clubs. 

I enjoy different outdoor activities and active leisure. Finland is rich for many fascinating places like national parks, lakes, forests and cliffs. Those places attract people with their beauty and silence.


One weekend we did a two-day biking trip which included walking, staying overnight in a wooden cottage and taking a wooden sauna, visiting countryside and doing barbecue and grilling

At LUT there is a hiking club Ulvova Susi (Howling Wolf) which members are students who maintain the club’s activities. With a membership per semester of 5 euro everybody who joins the club enjoys such seasonal activities as cross-country skiing for beginners and advanced skiers, over-night skiing trips, ice-fishing on the Saimaa lake, summer canoeing, hiking and climbing abroad (this year in Turkey), and long-distance biking trips.


The biking trip took about 80 km on highway and country roads


The walking part of the biking trip was through a swamp


and we had small pick-nicks in a forest

There is also a space at the Student Union building where you can try indoor climbing activities such as bouldering (climbing without ropes and harnesses), dry-tooling techniques (mixed ice climbing) and slacklining (balanced walking on a tensioned webbing). This is for free for all club’s members and you have an access to the bouldering room 24/7. Feel free to come whenever you would like to boulder.


Bouldering club in the city

Apart of the university bouldering space there is a bouldering club in the city. I go there once per month. I have got to know about this amazing type of climbing while living in Finland. Every time I climb walls without any rope I feel an excitement but not fear. When I was a child I used to climb actively with friends at home. There were high climbing bars in our playground but we also climbed to swing tops, garage roofs, and top of high trees.


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