Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Student apartment interior

Just moved to Finland? It’s important to feel like home when far from home. A student apartment will be your home for the next few months (or years).

Let’s turn boring walls into a cool design!

Plenty of student apartments looks “too student”. For those who want to create a nice design a problem is that it’s forbidden to change an apartment. For example, you can’t hang a nice shelf on a wall because drilling is prohibited. Buying a nice furniture is expensive and not always necessary.

Usually student apartments walls have wooden pieces that you can use for hanging pictures, paintings, mirrors, whatever you like. Still, it might be not enough to get a cool design.

A very nice and friendly way:

Wall art stickers are longstanding and easy to remove whenever you want. In Lappeenranta there are sold in a flea shop called “Suomi-kirppis” for 3-5 euro/piece. In other shops such as Mini-Mani, Prisma, Tokmanni (RobinHood) which exist in every part of Finland, wall stickers’ cost is from 5 euros/piece.

That’s how we’ve decorated our walls.


Dried and artificial flowers, table lamps and wall arts looks great together 


It’s also a relaxing hobby to decor a wall. 


A vintage table tissue holder bought at a flea market for no price is in harmony with kitchen wall sunflowers.

Since mornings in Finland are really dark and cold, a candle at home is a nice solution. A pack of 100 regular candles costs about 3-4 euro in most of shops and supermarkets.


Our balcony candle and tea candle. We use a regular cup as a candelabra.

Cotton and flower aroma candles are nice. Vanilla candles in my opinion smell too sweet, like a vanilla pie. I always get hungry when smelling them.

Never mind to buy cheap and nice stuff in second hand shops. In Finland it’s called kirpputori or kirppis, and it’s incredibly popular among Finns. It’s like a part of culture here. I’ll tell more about them in the following posts.

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