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Winter in May: Time to check your health!

We all know that our health is like a rechargeable battery which has its own lifecycle. Health care is one of the most important aspects of life if you plan to stay in Finland for a long time. Changing seasons, unpredictable weather and probably different medical treatment systems: there are important things to know!

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In Finland, health care is free for students at FSHS, Finnish Student Health Care Service. Before seeing a doctor, you have to fill in a paper with general questions about your  health and check your blood pressure by yourself. A health care system is very well developed although doctors usually don’t give an appointment or any treatment immediately. Thus, a friend of mine had had a constantly disturbing strong stomach pain, however she was advised to take a natural herbal tea by a telephone call from a doctor. That session ended up pretty fast and the doctor decided that no appointment was necessary.

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At the first blush this type of health care system seems weird but paradoxically, it works. Finns maintain a good health while some seasonal weakening is normal such as oversleeping, a general tiredness and sometimes even a depression. It happens because of the rigorous climate conditions. The main rule is not to be panicked about it, otherwise even a worse effect can be caused.  Generally it’s advised to take vitamins, eat well and  do a lot of sports! This is a principal law of staying in a good health always.

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As for a dental care and hygiene treatment such as the reduction of sensitivity and teeth cleaning can be given as fast as possible but the dental treatment should be booked up few months in advance. For some reasons, even if you need to get any urgent treatment it may take a while to wait. But don’t get a panic 🙂

Another important part of living in Finland is to get entertained despite the weather, time and health conditions. You will get well soon anyway (and the weather will be ok too), so why don’t you help yourself get well faster!

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Yes, it’s May, and it’s snowing. Be careful of seasonal viruses, they hide inside a ball chair, wear yellow or tabby pullovers, look like foreigners and fly in the air 😉

Couple of words about the ball: this is a white fiberglass chair created by a Finnish interior designer, Eero Arnio in 1963. It rapidly became an innovative piece of art in the furniture design. It stays stylish so far and is very convenient for phone talks, book reading and spinning around.

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Beginning of May and it’s zero degrees. You can expect anything from the weather here! For instance, a heavy rain and snow just like in winter. But it doesn’t mean that the mood should change too =)

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