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The Sun Eclipse

Aisulu Harjula 20.3.2015 Culture, Events, General 1 Comment on The Sun Eclipse

It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m so amazed by the sun eclipse which has happened today. 

Suddenly it has become too silent outside. No one could hear the noise of the wind anymore, and even birds have stopped singing!

FotorCreated (2) (1)Here is the trace of the moon in a half-an-hour:

FotorCreated (1) (1)In Lappeenranta we’ve observed 68% of the sun covering.

A sunny day has turned out to be so different! Shadows have become bigger and colors have been more contrast everywhere

.FotorCreated (1)

A lattice of thin sticks has given a wide sharp shadow on a wall during eclipse phases.


Now it’s a normal day here. In a while streets have become so noisy! We could hear a swish, a birds singing, car motors… And clouds have appeared in the sky.

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