Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

The Unforgettable Lapland

Meeting husky dogs and experiencing dog sledges in Lapland is unforgettable. This is something I’m eager to do next winter. These dogs are so cute, kind, smart, and fast!

The Lappish nature is truly beautiful and you can see the Northern lights there every day (or polar day). In spring it’s not as dark like during the polar night (when at least two months people don’t see sun at all). Today is the equinox day in Finland, and from now on we get more sunshine as the polar night (in Finnish kaamos) has ended, and we step into beautiful spring even if outside it’s still cold and snowy.


Lappish spring however will come later in May as there are still meters of snow outside. I haven’t yet been to Lapland but I know that every year there are organized trips to the North of the Arctic Circle. It’s awesome to visit Lapland and I think that it’s not possible to leave Finland without doing so.


My friends have visited Lapland during their stay in Finland and they have got a lot of emotions and pleasure. The student trip from Lappeenranta, Southern Finland, costs about 350 euro but the “full package” such as downhill skiing, visiting the Arctic Ocean and having a lunch nearby, ride husky would cost about 500 euro. However, a trip on your own maybe would not be more expensive when you benefit student prices.


I really wish to visit Lapland as soon as possible! I’ve seen only a little bit of the northern lights when they were in Lappeenranta. I believe it’s really an unforgettable experience to visit Lapland and when you have a chance you should use it. However, there is a paradox: there are many Finns who haven’t ever been to Lapland during all their life in Finland. In every country it’s like that: local people are not in a hurry to visit local attractions. There are Parisians who have never been to the Eiffel tower, New Yorkers who haven’t visited the Empire State Building, Germans who haven’t ever been to Berlin, Russians who don’t know what Moscow and St. Petersburg are like, and so on… =)

Photos by ©Julia Shkalikova

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