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Time to sum up

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I’ve spent two semesters and one summer in Lappeenranta, and I can say that I haven’t regretted that I’ve come to Finland.

Many good things have happened with me here. The things that I’ve done in one year in Lappeenranta are especially particular for me:

  • I’ve got all credits for Master’s program and even more. All required courses and projects are done!


The last exam I’ve prepared for was a compulsory self-study course. It’s quite common way of education here. You don’t have any lectures and assignments. Instead, there is a four hundred pages book which you should not only read but understand.  The exam takes three hours, and it’s computer-based exam with open questions and several essays to write. Basically, it’s testing your analytical skills and ability to operate with a new terminology.

  • I’ve upgraded my level in Aikido.

2014-06-24-895I started to practice Aikido in Kazakhstan Aikido Federation  yet when I was 16. During my studies abroad I didn’t have opportunities to train in a recognized school. Fortunately in Finland I’ve found an Aikido club at my university, then  I’ve joined the Asahi club in Lappeenranta and passed a qualification exam to the Finnish Aikido Federation.

  • I’ve organized own photo-shooting classes and FB group where I share my model experience.


It’s an early beginning but I hope to do something useful for others. In our university students share their skills and experiences for free. We have all the facilities and an easy access to teaching rooms and rooms with mirrors. I’ve attended ballroom dancing taught by Ekaterina Albats. I know that Mihai Iusan teaches salsa. I was surprised that there were more guys than girls among people attending ballroom dancing. I’ve experienced the same, there were more guys than girls in my classes.

The taste of Finland

I’ve been collecting videos during one semester and created them into a four minute movie. I’ve made good friends for life. It’s one of the important aspects of living happy. Each person I’ve met here has given me a lesson.Whatever difficult it was for me in the beginning, I don’t regret at all that I’ve come to Finland!  


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