Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Travelling to Finnish cities

Travelling in Finland is great in summer. In July-August there are many discounts for usually expensive train trips and one can go somewhere for 5 euro. It is especially great opportunity because Finnish cities are situated far from each other.

It’s also possible to travel comfortably by bus or by car. Buses are nice and a bus trip usually lasts longer than a trip by train because buses drive through many small villages. It’s also an opportunity to see how life is flowing in little Finnish towns. Juna

Finnish trains are truly comfortable and fast. There are number of rooms to choose – for business meetings, for allergic people, for pets and what is the most cute – there is the whole coach only for children! It’s easy to recognize the coach by its appearance: there are cute cats’ and moles’ pictures.

Kotka (2)

This is part of Kotka from the top of a tower


Famous Muumimaailma – the Moomin World theme park. Moomin books written by Tove Jansson became the most popular children’s books in Finland and abroad.


Tampere is a city between two lakes! And canal inside the city connects them.

Tampere (2) Everyone can play huge chess right in the city center of Tampere.


Street market with Finnish grown vegetables and old items in Tampere


Joensuu is an inspiring city because its city center is divided by the river and the city has a lot of wooden constructions such as this bridge.


In Turku there is this funny and cute ferry that brings people from one part of the street to the opposite one.

Helsinki (2)

When you travel you always find some great surprises and discoveries like this huge installation that extremely well suits my dress and even the color of my scarf!Helsinki

Helsinki’s islands from the ferry going to Tallin.

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